And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!
- And did those feet, William Blake

tirsdag 24. mai 2016

Scenes from a small Spanish village

This weekend I was in Spain to attend the wedding of two friends. The wedding itself was held in Ciudad Rodrigo, situated between the city of Salamanca and the border to Portugal, and it was a splendid affair to which I hope to return later on this blog. In this blogpost, however, I wish to present a few small glimpses from a small village, which is the native village of the bride and where there was a family barbecue the day after the wedding itself.

The village is called Pastores and belongs to jurisdiction of Ciudad Rodrigo. It is a very small place, and its present population counts to around 60 inhabitants. I am myself from a small place, and so I explored this little village with great fondness, and I was very happy to see the various ways in which the villagers had invested time, effort and pride into the arrangement of the village.


Entrance into Pastores along one of its two main streets, with the church in the background

The most prominent building in Pastores is the church, as seen below. Fittingly, the church is presided over by a stork, who in its black and white plumage bears a striking resemblance to a Dominican friar.

The church, with its guardian stork

Like all Spanish villages with self-respect, Pastores has its own main square, the plaza mayor, as seen below.

Hoofprints in the concrete

Perhaps the most charming feature of Pastores is the small, but beautiful botanical garden, which is kept at the very outskirts of the village. It is covered with various plants, but it is not completely without order, as the villagers have made space for some flowerbeds, separating the cultivated from the wild in the manner of a proper botanical garden.

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