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On Englands pleasant pastures seen!
- And did those feet, William Blake

søndag 16. mai 2021

New publication: Thirteenth-century Ivory Crozier from Greenland from the Perspective of Economic History

Last year, I submitted a proposal for an article to the online Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages published by ARC Humanitites and Bloomsbury. I offered to write an entry on a crozier of walrus ivory that was discovered in Igaliku, Greenland, the site of the medieval bishopric of Garðar, and so I spent much of the summer of 2020 researching medieval Greenland and its connections to the trade routes on the European continent. The main purpose of this encyclopedia entry is to highlight Greenland's place in the network of trade and exchange that stretched across medieval Europe and beyond. 

As this is an online encyclopedia, and entries are published in batches, I was unaware that my article had been made available until earlier this week, and I am terribly excited to be one of many contributors to this expanding reference work. Access to the encyclopedia can be bought here, and my particular article is located here. I hope to be using this encyclopedia in future teaching, and it is a great resource for getting a more global perspective on the framework of what we call the medieval.

Crozier and ring from Garðar, Greenland
Courtesy of Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, D11154; D11155

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